About Us

Lowertown Good Neighbours Community House has been serving its  members since 1995.

Everyone who lives in Lowertwon East is a Community House member. Being a member means you can use our services, participate in our programs and in our activities.

Being a  member also means you have a say in what we do and how we do it!

Our Vision is to create a welcoming community which is accessible to newcomers and long-time residents alike and which facilitates bringing together diverse groups to create an inclusive, healthy, equitable and self reliant social, economical and cultural neighbourhood.

With that Vision in mind the Community House’s mission is to provide educational, recreational and social programs that meet the needs of the residents of Lowertown East; to offer a physical space that facilitates the identification of community needs; to encourage the social integration of its members; to promote harmony and greater community participation.

To fulfill its mission, the Community House works in partnership with residents and with various community agencies and groups.

We are constantly learning, growing and developing as is the diversified population of our community.